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I have to say this is the official Tagalog/Filipino version of Strangers Again by Wong Fu. Well they said so themselves. But meh, it was still something too sweet for me not to mind. Although the way they met and the ending is a thumbs up for me. Iba pa rin pag may-touch ng Pinoy! And have I mentioned how much I like the song? 

“Feelings and emotions change, it doesn’t mean that you don’t feel something with each other anymore; the love is gone. If love were only feelings, then, there’s no such thing as lasting. Love can sometimes turn numb or be boring, but you just have to be patient. Cause love, itself, is life. Not all the time you are all in for it’s happiness sometimes you also have to give in to it’s bitterness. But no matter what, as long as you choose and decide to continue it will be more beautiful.” -so much THIS for this quote, lol. Got this part from her

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