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Jawbreaker - Live at the Crocodile Cafe 5/18/96 (contains unreleased track) 


Do I really need to introduce this band? In theory no, but in practice, kind of. I feel like their legacy has been co-opted by turds and frauds worse than nearly any other band. It’s like the pop punk equivalent of Black Flag, where kids can jock them, but a quick conversation will reveal that they really don’t know shit. That’s not to say these kids don’t listen to the bands (the posts I see on here making that assumption regarding any band with easily identifiable logos (Black Flag, Joy Division etc… drive me nuts), they just don’t have any concept of what made these bands great and/or important. One thing I found really interesting is that when I tried to find Jawbreaker show flyers, there were almost none with the bands they get lumped in with (Samiam, Crimpshrine, Fifteen, Green Day etc…). There were a lot with bands who had closer ties to the Hardcore scene like Bad Trip, Undertow (who toured with Jawbreaker), Evergreen, Still Life, Engine Kid, Manumission, Underdog and Verbal Assault. To be clear, this is just from internet detective work, I was not there. I found it really interesting to see that they played with so many bands with Ebullition affiliation, and practically none with the Gilman crowd that they are always considered a part of. I’d like to find out more about the kinds of band they usually played with, because I feel like big chunks of their history have been filtered out and replaced by talking about whether Dear You was good. In case you’re wondering, it’s good and that shouldn’t be up for debate. 

As for the bootleg that’s up for download, it’s great! It’s recorded shortly before they broke up while they were touring in support of Dear You. They sound quality is average for a boot from that era. What really steals the show for me (beyond the great jams of course) is just how funny the banter is. At one point, Blake is berating someone for throwing a bottle at them, when he stops mid sentence and berates someone for ratting out the guy who threw it. “Don’t ever Narc!”

This bootleg also contains a song written after Dear You called ‘Elephant’. I know that it’s  been circulating around the internet for a long time, so you might have it kicking around your computer, however, how you can have it in it natural environment.


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